Manatee Photos

The following manatee photos were provided by Rachel Cruz. Rachel and her best friend traveled here from Indiana and took a manatee tour with us. Click to read her testimonial and others who took manatee tours with Sunshine River Tours and loved the experience! Seeing photographs of a manatee does not compare to swimming with them, gently touching them and viewing them up close. This will be an adventure you are sure to remember and ponder over for years to come!


Swimming with Manatees

Florida Manatees

The photo below was provided by Kai Joy, whose manatee trip was saved by Captain Jan! To read the testimonial, click here!

Crystal Bay Manatees

The following manatee photos were provided by the Zmijewski Family. The Zmijewski family traveled from Connecticut and took our Winter Manatee Tour on Feb. 16, 2010. To read their testimonial, click here!


Manatee Tour

Florida Manatee Tour

Manatee Tours

Our Tours

Tour A
Crystal River Manatee Tour
Swim with manatees in the Crystal River, the highest concentration of manatees worldwide.  7am & 10am.
Tour B
Crystal River Manatee Tour
Our later manatee tour on King's Bay. Since manatees tend to rest later in the day, this tour is only scheduled by request.
Tour C
Our 1st Class Manatee Tour!
Private manatee tour from 2-6 guests. Enclosed Houseboat, heated in Winter. Swimming with manatees in several springs. Continental Breakfast, snacks, beverages. FREE Hotel Room - Ask Captain Mike for details! YEAR ROUND. 8 AM Only.
The Best Scalloping Tour
Enjoy a peaceful day on the water, scalloping in the Crystal River Florida area. Scalloping Tour is $65/Per Person, No Minimum, Includes Fishing License, Mask, Fins and Snorkel